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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have questions? We have answers! We hear a lot of the same questions every day, so below we have provided a list of some of the most common ones to help you get ready for your river adventure. Don’t be afraid to call us at 434.286.4386 if you don’t see your question here!

    Can I make an online reservation?

    Currently reservations are still taken over the phone. On our new website you will see a reservations tab. Under that tab you can fill out all of the information and it will send us an email. This email does not book or confirm any reservations, but we will call you to confirm your request as soon as we receive the email. Please call us at least a week in advance for big groups and all boat bookings. Our number is 434.286.4386.

    Where do I start?

    You can GPS our location at 265 Ferry Street in Scottsville, Va. Once you arrive at our HQ, come on in to sign in (or print them/fill them out in advance, from here). You will be instructed to move your vehicle to our private take out by the river where you will exit the water when the trip is over. Before leaving HQ to park, you should make sure anything that you plan on taking on the river is outside at the benches. (coolers, fishing gear, etc.) Anything you want to keep safe and dry should be left in your vehicle. After parking, you will come back up to the store front, hand over you keys for us to keep, and wait for your shuttle to take you up river. One of the staff members will call your last name and you will then load the bus and take your belongings with you accordingly.

    What can I do with my phone? My keys?

    Anything that you hold near and dear to your heart, SHOULD BE LOCKED IN YOUR CAR and not taken on the river. This includes: a change of clothes, towels, cell phones, wallets, all other non-waterproof electronics etc. We also offer a key holding service so after you’ve parked at our riverfront lot, you will check your keys in with the ladies at HQ. When exiting the river at the end of your trip, look out for the big red key board where staff will help you find your keys.

    Can I go barefoot?

    No, no, and did we say NO..? We require that everyone wear shoes before loading the bus and request that you wear them throughout your trip. River shoes work best, but so do old sneakers or anything that straps on at the heel and toe. Long story short, flip flops are useless and get lost easily. The river bottom can be rough and have rocks or broken glass along the bottom from fellow river floaters, so try to keep them on at all times.

    What do people usually take on the river?

    Most trips take a few hours so we suggest bringing along a cooler with some drinks and snacks. Most people pack a picnic lunch and rent an additional tube for the cooler to take on the water. There are places to stop along the way including islands, sand bars and large rocks. put then in a cooler. We do not allow styrofoam coolers or glass containers on the river so leave those at home.

    Can we drink alcohol on the river?

    Drinking on the river is the same as drinking in public and is a ticketable offense by law enforcement. ID’s are checked by staff upon arrival; However, we cannot check your cooler if you are 21+. Underage nonsense will not be tolerated.  As a consenting adult, what you do on the water is your choice. Just be aware law enforcement are out there for our protection and  we ask that you be smart about it. Always have a designated driver, use koozies and keep our river clean. Be sure that all of your trash ends up back in the cooler!

    Can we tie our tubes together?

    We do not recommend that tubers tie themselves into a big flotilla for multiple reasons: Getting caught up on rocks in a big group can get dangerous with that much string and faster flowing water. We will tie people to their coolers and we make exceptions for a parent wanting to be tied to a small child. It’s just as easy to have everyone prop their feet up on the cooler tube in a circle in case you hit rocks/rapids or if nature calls….

    Will you shuttle my boat or just me?

    We are not a shuttle service unfortunately and do not have the liability coverage to shuttle any personal tubes, boats or just people.

    Will we have a guide?

    All of our trips are self-guided. Once you get on the shuttle bus, the driver will brief you about the river conditions, trip details, sign posts and what to do in case of bad weather. They will tell you how to navigate the rapids (they are mostly only class I, so don’t be frightened). All of our upriver trips end back in Scottsville where the giant bridge that crosses the river is your sign that the trip is nearly over. There are no confusing forks or turns, just float on down and have a good time.

    Can I fish out of my tube?

    We do not recommend fishing in a tube or raft because there is always a chance of hooking the rubber vessel (or a member of your party), causing it to pop or sending someone to the doctor. There is also no storage for tackle boxes or rods on tubes making it awkward. Fishing out of a canoe or kayak is a different story and there is room on both for storage.

    Can Fido and/or Fluffy come with us?

    As much as most dogs love the water, swimming 4 miles of it is no fun for anyone so PLEASE LEAVE ALL FURRY FRIENDS AT HOME. If you are traveling through the area with a pet, there is a groomer in town that offers short term boarding and she can be reached here: Kathy’s Pet Grooming 434.987.3709.

    Can I bring my toddler?

    The youngest age to go on a trip with us is 6 years old. The child and parent should also be competent swimmers, but will be given a life jacket regardless. To kayak by themselves, the child must be at least 10 years old. We will allow a 6 year old in a canoe with a competent adult paddler.

    I’m a big guy, what can I do?

    All of our tubes are essentially the same size. However, we have fluffier tubes for bigger folks. The tube maximum capacity is around 300 lbs but the river level is the deciding factor. A larger person will float better in 4’ average depth or higher as the flow is better and they are less likely to hit obstructions. Once the river gets down to 3’ or below, it is more difficult to get in and out of the tube. Kayaks can hold a person up to 275 lbs and canoes have a combined weight max of 600 lbs.

    What if I don’t want to go home?

    We have riverside tent campsites available for $12 per person per night. The campground is dual purpose as it is also where our daytrippers park. When you make a reservation to go tubing/canoeing/kayaking you can ask about camping and we will tack that onto your booking. We will assign you and your group to a site according to size and plans for the night (we try to separate families and party groups). If we are completely booked on camping you can also check Horseshoe Flats and KOA (in Charlottesville) for availability. If you are looking for something a little less primitive, check out our Lodging listings.

    Are discounts available?

    We offer discounts to active/retired military and first responders. Discounts are also available to colleges and universities all across the state of Virginia once a valid ID is presented to employees upon check in. Contact us for special group rates, discounts and more detailed information.

Need to cancel? Refunds are available with a one week notice of cancellation. Read our Cancellation Policy